Know-How we have collected

Over time, has gathered quite some know-how. Many documents and video recordings were published in the context of our LinuxDays. This page is a link collection of what we learned and produced in the past years.


HS'18 (Fall Semester 2018)

FS'18 (Spring Semester 2018)

HS'17 (Fall Semester 2017)

FS'17 (Spring Semester 2017)

HS'16 (Fall Semester 2016)

FS'16 (Spring Semester 2016)

HS'15 (Fall Semester 2015)

FS'15 (Spring Semester 2015)

  • Free and Open Source Software (course by Cédric Sonderegger): Slides (PDF)
  • Advanced Courses (courses by Sandro Kalbermatter): Script (PDF)